Turntable Tempat Foto Produk Putar (Action Figure Gundam Diecast) Stand Display Turn Table Studio 16


16cm Diameter Display Turntable Photo Studio (15 seconds/rotation 10kg) merupakan turntable / pemutar / winding yang berfungsi sebagai display putar untuk kebutuhan fotografi Anda. Turntable ini dapat berputar otomatis 15 detik yang dapat menahan beban hingga 10kg.

Widely used in display of small size products and plastic model in different gestures, window display, solid display, superstore; plug in power and it can rotate in 360 degree, make the suppliers to show their products in all directions and angles, low power consumption and noiseless, high capacity of loading and display effectively

Way of rotation: the turntable can be electrically rotated : You can also move your hands to make it stop or move in the direction.
Direction of rotation : It is not directional
Rotary speed: there is a certain connection with neutrality. The faster the rotation speed, the less gravity will be.
Rotary control method: plug in, if you want to change direction, you can restart the switch.
360 degrees rotation : suppliers to customers all-round, multi-angle introduction of products, as well as hand-made products, so as to successfully conclude transactions with customers.
Turntable use : sample display, shop display, photography 3D shooting, jewelry display, mobile phone display.

Brand : Godric
Model : Turntable Automatic Display
Height : 5 cm
Color : White
Net Weight : 0.5kg
Maximum Load : 10 kg
Material : ABS
360 Degree Circumvolution
Direction : The direction could not be controlled, it rotating by random direction, sometimes turn left and sometimes turn right.
Switch : On/Off switch on the base side
Speed : 15 seconds per circle (110V60Hz)
15 seconds/rotation 10kg
Voltage : 200V – 240V
Power Cable Length : 150cm

Product display, like jewelry, digital product, shampoo, glass, and other collectibles
Product photography, still life photography
Cake display
3D scanning

1 x 16cm Diameter Display Turntable Photo Studio (15 seconds/rotation 10kg)
1 x Power Cord / Cable
1 x User Manual

Additional information

Weight 500 g


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