NAGOYA NA-701 Antena HT SMA-F for Walkie Talkie Antenna Baofeng Pofung Taffware NA701


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NAGOYA antenna NA-701 144/430Mhz Dual Band High Gain Antenna merupakan antena pabrikan brand NAGOYA dengan desain portable dan dapat digunakan untuk beragam walkie talkie / handy talky radio Anda. Berfungsi menjernihkan kualitas HT Anda.

Antennas are individually tested to insure proper compatibility with your radio and frequencies
NA-701 Whip Antenna will allow you to get longer range on your handheld radio, like BaoFeng UV-5R radio. This antenna features a 3.15dBi signal with up to 10W of power. It is 21.5cm in length and weighs 25 grams. Boost the signal of your radio
Extend the Range of Your Communication – Most TNP antennas will increase your radio’s gain
SMA Female Base Mounted – This series of TNP antenna’s are SMA female meaning a perfect fit for many radios
NA-701S 144/430Mhz Dual Band High Gain Antenna is extendable that boost the signal of your radio significantly

Brand : NAGOYA
Type : Antenna Walkie Talkie Radio
Model : NA-701
Connector : SMA-Female
Band : Dual Band VHF/UHF
Frequency : 144/430MHz
Gain : 3.15dBi
Max Power: 10Watts
V.S.W.R : Less than 1.5
Impedance : 50ohm
Style : Soft antenna
Polarization : Vertical
Radiation : Omni
Antenna length : 21cm
Weight : 31g

Suitable for BAOFENG, POFUNG, TAFFWARE walkie talkie :
BF-666S, BF-777S, BF-888S, BF-320, BF-480, BF-490, BF-V6, BF-V8, BF-388A, UV-5R, UV-5RA, UV-5RB, UV-5RC, UV-5RD, UV-5RE, UV-82,UV-B5 B6, GT-3, UV-6R, BF-F8+ DM-5R BF-UVB2/B3 Plus, UV-S9, Etc

1 x NAGOYA antenna NA-701 144/430Mhz Dual Band High Gain Antenna
(NOTE : Antenna Only, The Radio Devices Not Included)

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